Harbour master: +31 (0)6 51 50 83 22

Harbour office:
Noorderkade box nr. 16.

Toilet block:
Kerkstraat 9. The hall of the toilet block, which also contains facilities for the disabled, is always open. Access to the renovated shower and toilet section is only possible with the MARINA PAYMENT CARD (JACHTHAVENBETAALKAART). You can buy this card from the vending machine in the hall of the sanitary building in Kerkstraat. The credit on the marina payment card can be used in our harbours in Blokzijl and Giethoorn.


Visitors’ mooring tariffs:
€ 1.50 per meter per night +
€ 1.10 p.p.p.n. tourist tax

Blokzijl harbour basin

The office of the harbour master of Blokzijl is directly in the harbour.
You might have to search for the toilet block, because this building is not located directly in the harbour, but in Kerkstraat.

Yachts up to a length of about 14 meters can find a place to moor along the renovated longer finger piers along the Noorderkade. The pontoons are longest in the centre and to the left and right of the centre the pontoons are a little shorter.

The other side, the high quay called the Zeedijk, is reserved for yachts longer than 12 meters.
At this quay you are requested to close up as much as possible and to accept other boats to raft alongside.

Behind the fendering of the Lock, on the South side of the harbour basin (Zuiderkade) there are moorings for smaller yachts, up to 9m.

In consultation with the harbour master, free moorings in the Balkenhaven in Houtzagerijweg can also be used, if available.

Beatrixstraat, the unloading quay and the Schelpenpad
Outside the harbour basin you can also find a mooring, without amenities, at the Beatrixstraat, the unloading quay and the Schelpenpad.



When you come from Vollenhove you enter the harbour via an open lock, the so-called ‘Sas’. The threshold in the lock (Sas) is 1.60m NAP.

When you come from the Giethoornsemeer and the Noorderdiep you have to go through the lock to enter the harbour basin (visitors’ harbour). The threshold in the lock is 1.60m NAP.


The harbour basin has electricity connections at all locations.
A payment of € 1.00 gets you 1 kWh. (The electricity connections work with the marina payment card.) The electricity connections are fused at 10 Amp.


There are tap water stations all over the harbour basin.
A payment of € 0.50 gets you approximately 80 litres of water.
In connection with Legionella control we ask that you unroll the hose completely from the reel and rinse it before use.

Toilet block

The toilet block of the Blokzijl harbour is located in Kerkstraat.
The hall of the toilet block and the toilet for the disabled are accessible day and night. There are also vending machines in the hall for purchasing a MARINA PAYMENT CARD (JACHTHAVENBETAALKAART) and to top up your balance. You can also use this card to gain access to the renovated shower/toilet facilities from the hall. The balance on the card can be used to shower.

Chemical toilet disposal site

On the Noorderkade, next to the canon, and at the end of the Zuiderkade, you will find a chemical toilet disposal site.

 Waste water

You will find the pump station for waste water and bilge water at the Noorderdiep/Zuiderdiep crossing to the northern side of the lock. Near Camping ‘Tussen de Diepen’


The Blokzijl harbour has two washing machines and a large dryer.

The washing machines and the dryer can be used by paying with your marina payment card. Washing costs € 5.00 and drying € 2.00. Please ensure that you have a sufficient balance on your marina payment card.
The laundry is located in the renovated shower/toilet block which is accessible only with the marina payment card.


In the Blokzijl harbour basin, free WiFi is available.
Login codes are available from the harbour master (+31 (0) 6 51508322).


There is one waste container located at the Noorderkade, near the canon, and another one at the end of the Zuiderkade. Coins can be obtained from the harbour master. Coins are free for visitors who are spending the night.

Permanent moorings

Blokzijl has various types of permanent moorings.
In the Balkenhaven at the Houtzagerijweg there are boxes for yachts with a max length of 10m. Yachts up to 14m are catered for in the harbour basin. The seasonal rate for the permanent moorings is € 33.20, including VAT, per m2 boat.
At the Lage Wal and Kleine Breestraat there is space for boats up to 9m, price € 30.20 per m2.
Small boats up to 5m are moored in the city canals, price € 75.00 per boat.
The rate for the winter season, from 1 November through to 1 April is € 7.75, including VAT, per m2 boat.

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Further Information


Coop, Boffersweidje 35, 8356 BE Blokzijl


Tank S, Steenwijkerweg 2, 8356VM Blokzijl (not at the water’s edge)

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