Harbour master: + 31 (0)6 20 65 89 79

Harbour office:
The office of the harbour master is the striking round building to the side of the church.

Shower and toilet building:
The shower and toilet facilities of the harbour are located in the passage next to the harbour office. The sanitary rooms are closed with code locks. You will receive the code from the harbour master.


Visitors’ tariff:
€ 1.50 per meter per night +
€ 1.10 p.p.p.n. tourist tax

Motor home tariff
€ 12.00 per night +
€ 1.10 p.p.p.n. tourist tax

Visitors’ harbour Vollenhove

The Vollenhove marina has visitors’ moorings available at the jetty for boats up to about 12 meters. Boats longer than 12 meters can find moorings along the quays.

Permanent moorings

In addition to the visitors moorings, Vollenhove Marina has permanent moorings.

  • Moorings with facilities at jetty A. The rate for the summer season is € 33.20 per m2.
  • Jetty B has no facilities and is reserved for small yachts. The rate for the summer season is € 30.20 per m2.
  • At the rowing boat jetty, rowing boats can be moored for € 100.00 per year.
  • The rate for the winter season, from 1 November through to 1 April, is € 7.75 per m2.



There are sufficient electricity connections at the jetties, quays and motor home pitches. Payment  € 3.00 per day.


There are sufficient tap water stations at the jetties, quays and motor home pitches. Payment of € 0.50 gets you approximately 80 litres of water. In connection with Legionella control we ask that you unroll the hose completely from the reel and first rinse it before use.

Toilet block

You will find the toilets and showers in the passage next to the harbour office. The shower uses € 0.50 coins. The shower and toilet building is locked with a code lock. You will receive the current code from the harbour master.

Chemical toilet disposal site

The chemical toilet disposal site is at the harbour office, the harbour master has a key to this.


A washing machine and dryer are present at the harbour office. The machines work on coins which you can purchase from the harbour master. A coin for washing or drying costs € 5.00.


WiFi is available at the harbour/motor home site. The login code is available from the harbour master.


The waste container can be found at the entrance to the main jetty.  Coins can be obtained from the harbour master. The coins are free to visitors/campers who are spending the night.

Waste water

At the jetty in front of the harbour building there is a pump station for waste water and bilge water.
At the motor home site there is a discharge pit for discharging waste water.

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Further Information


Aldi and Coop in the centre of the city (approximately 8 minutes walk from the harbour)

Fuel (not at the water’s edge)

Esso, Oppen Swolle 1a, Vollenhove

Fieten Olie, Schaarweg 1 ,Vollenhove

Shell, Flevoweg 2, Vollenhove

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